Hey everyone. Hope you all are doing good amidst the lockdown. As some of you know that I now started my professional career as a Google Cloud Consultant at Deloitte, I’ve been getting constant enquiries on how I landed a job there. So, I thought of writing this to share with you how I landed at Deloitte.

How it reached me?

You all might know that I’m certified on Google Cloud as a Professional Cloud Architect and as an Associate Cloud Engineer. I have also built a profile in the Google Cloud Credential Directory. One fine day, I received a mail from Deloitte. The…

As you all know that the evolution of cloud computing has caused revolutionary changes in the IT industry. Cloud is the new hot topic and almost all IT people are chasing cloud certifications while they are in the industry. A few people, maybe like me, realized the importance of these actions and decided to take some certifications at the earliest stage of their career — as college student. I got certified on a few cloud certifications in the past 8 months. A highlighted one was the Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer exam, which I passed on the very first…

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a good start in 2021. I too had a wonderful start to my 2021. Let me share with you my first success story of this year.

Guess what?

I passed Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900.

Another milestone to my cloud career.

For those who don’t know about the exam, AZ-900 is a foundational certification exam that tests your skill in cloud computing and your familiarity with the Azure platform. Your knowledge in cloud computing, the Azure core services, core solutions, and management tools on Azure, general security and network security features, identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features, Azure cost management…

I recently got certified as Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer. Many people asked me how I got into the cloud. So, I’ll share with you how I really started my journey into the cloud.

“The beginning is the end. The end is the beginning. Everything is connected.”

Well, I can’t come up with a better phrase to describe my journey towards the cloud. It was at this moment when I finally realized that things were really in my path.

““The beginning is the end”

Just as I finished my school, I had to get into college for my engineering degree. So, like every other…

It’s been 4 months since I started my journey towards the cloud. Out of curiosity, I enrolled in a free Coursera program offered by our college. I did a few courses and noticed Google Cloud courses. Being attracted to the brand, I enrolled in it. Thus, I got exposed to the Cloud and GCP. I have never looked back ever since. There was a strong feeling in me that this will get me somewhere.

“And, I followed what my heart said.”

I had completed the Coursera specializations and had been working on Qwiklabs to get exposure to GCP two months…

As I mentioned about the new GitHub feature of adding a README file to your profile, I came up with another interesting feature.

“You can lively track the page visits of your profile.”

Copy and paste the following code to your README.MD file which you created as mentioned in the previous post.

![HitCount](http://hits.dwyl.com/Profile Name/Repo Name.svg)

Always ensure that your Profile name and Repo name are the same.

Then, you will see a counter added to your README file.

Visit my GitHub profile to see the effect: https://github.com/UdeshUdayakumar

I hope this helps. Have a great day.

The lockdown has disrupted our daily routines and now, we try to pass time experimenting and doing things that we are interested in. One such experiment was the discovery of a secret feature of GitHub.

“You can now add a README.MD file to your profile.”

The following are the steps on how to add a README to your profile:

  1. Log in to your GitHub

2. Create a new repository and name it exactly as your GitHub username. (It’s very important)

3. You will see the newly created repository. Open the README.MD file.

4. Make your desired changes and commit.

5. Open your profile.

There you go. You just added a README to your profile. I hope this was informative and interesting. Please do let me know your impressions. Have a great day.

As all of you know, this year has not been good so far. Novel Corona Virus (also known as COVID-19) has struck all over the world and has been listed as a global pandemic. All the governments have issued lockdowns advising everyone to remain in their houses. In fact, a lot of young people are bored staying inside the house all the time. Some people come up with something creative, some people finish their to-do lists and some people wonder how to pass time. People who complain about time, especially those who are sitting idle these days, are now provided…

Udesh Udayakumar

Google Cloud Consultant @ Deloitte | Multi-cloud Certified | Aspiring Pilot | Leader

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