How I cleared Azure fundamentals exam AZ-900 in a day?

Guess what?

I passed Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900.

The Exam

The exam is for 60 minutes and you will get to attend the questions somewhere between 38 and 54. I got 52 questions in my first attempt and 46 in my second. There will be multiple-choice questions, multiple select questions, drag and drop questions and choose from dropdown questions. I gave the exam through PearsonVue, and it’ll immediately publish the result once the exam is complete. The pass mark is 700 out of 1000. In my first attempt, I scored 651 and in the second, I scored 820. I actually went through the documentation once and did a transfer learning of my concepts on Google Cloud Platform and was able to execute it successfully. When you give your exam, read the questions carefully and choose the answers wisely.

What I gained?

By preparing for the exam, I could gain some good knowledge about the Azure platform. I was also able to strengthen my knowledge of cloud computing. My @LinkedIn post about the certification gave me a wider reach and it also helped me build a good community as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador. Not just these, but I also received a badge upon clearing the exam and is among the first students in Kerala to be certified on Azure.

How to prepare?

Read through the exam outline and have a clear idea of all concepts you will need to brush up your knowledge on. This will help you get a bigger picture of the exam. Then you can choose the resource you like to prepare for the exam. The best resource I can recommend is the Microsoft Learn documentation. It has several learning paths that help you prepare for certifications and is something worth relying on. The learning paths include theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on exercises that will help you gain some practical experiences in the platform. You can also follow other online courses available like courses on @Udemy, A Cloud Guru, Coursera, etc. With that being said, I wish you all the best for your certification exams.

Prepare, practice, and achieve.

My certificate



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