How I got certified on HashiCorp Terraform Associate?

Hey everyone, this is The Cloud Pilot reporting and here, I want to talk about my experience and tips to get certified as a HashiCorp Terraform Associate. In the below article, I’ll be sharing the exam content, preparation strategy, my experience with the exam, and some tips to ensure your success. For more content on the cloud, subscribe to my YouTube channel The Cloud Pilot:

About the exam

This exam is primarily intended for engineers who specialise in IT operations or infrastructure provisioning and is a combination of multiple-choice, multiple-select and fill-in-the-blanks questions. There will be 57 questions that you can answer within 60 mins. The exam content mostly revolves around the basics of Infrastructure as Code(Iac), and various components/features of Terraform(for example state, backend, provisioner etc.).

Take a look at the exam review for a detailed view of what to expect:

The exam doesn’t have any prerequisites mentioned, but having hands-on experience will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge.

You should score more than 70% to pass the exam.

Once you finish the exam, you’ll immediately get the result, followed by the certification badge and certificate in your inbox. Another advantage is that you’ll also get a report of your score where you can identify where your answers could’ve gone wrong or if you need to focus on any specific topics. The cost of the exam is $70 plus taxes. You can have a remote proctored exam where you can take the test in the comfort of your home.


Understanding the content of the exam is very important.

Visit the exam guide to see the contents in detail. You need to have a crystal clear understanding of the content you will need to prepare for the exam. Check the guide here:

Visit the official Hashicorp Terraform documentation to have a good understanding of each of the terminologies and their functioning. Check the documentation here:

There are practice questions offered by HashiCorp for testing your knowledge and to get familiarised with the exam. Check them out:

There are plenty of courses available online. My recommendations are Zeal Vohra’s course on Udemy and Vijin Palazhi’s course on KodeKloud. They will help you with all the knowledge required to pass the exam.

Tips for successfully passing the exam

1. Read the questions carefully.

Sometimes, questions might be tricky and you may end up selecting the wrong option for an answer.

2. Make a cheatsheet of Terraform commands

Have a cheat sheet with the terraform commands when you prepare so that you can go over it when you revise the content.

3. Don’t spend more time on a single question.

Since the exam is for 60 mins, start answering the questions that you know or feel easy and mark/flag the questions which you need time to think about. After you finish answering, come back to the flagged questions and then spend the remaining time on them.

4. Focus more on topics with higher weightage.

Modules, Workspace and Dependencies, State, Backend, Terraform CLI will comprise around 60% of the exam. Also, these are some of the most important topics that one should be good at with hands-on knowledge.

My experience and result

I appeared for the exam recently and passed in the first attempt itself. The exam is pretty easy for anybody who has working experience with Terraform. Since I had been working on Terraform, alongside GCP for the past 6 months, it was enough to build a solid foundation. If you’re new to Terraform, I’d recommend spending some time learning Terraform first to gain some hands-on knowledge and then go ahead with the certification.

And here’s my certificate:

More than the certification, your knowledge is what matters.

Take this exam to validate your knowledge but always remember that this is not the end. All the best for your preparations and I hope you have found this helpful. Thank you very much for reading and have a great day!!!



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