How I landed my dream job straight out of college?

Hey everyone, I hope you all are safe and well. I wanted to share with you how I landed my dream role at a super awesome company, even in the middle of this COVID pandemic.

Yes, after a short stint at Deloitte, I have started my new job as a Google Cloud Engineer at Qwinix and Cloudbakers, two Google Cloud Premium Partners who recently merged together.

I started my professional career with Deloitte in June 2021. After around 3 months, I came across a hiring post from a recruiter on LinkedIn. It said that they were hiring for GCP Engineers a.k.a Google Cloud Engineers. This made me curious to explore the option since I wanted to work on GCP. Having less than a year of professional experience made me think if I’d even be qualified for that role. But, since I had worked on GCP and had its certifications, I couldn’t think of turning it down. So, I reached out to the recruiter and said that I wanted to explore the opportunity and told him my qualifications to see if I’d be a fit or not.

While I was expecting a "Sorry, we are looking for experienced candidates", I was amazed to see that he replied to my message positively and asked me to send my resume to his mail.

I immediately sent him my resume and updated the information with him. He said that he’d call me shortly. After a while, I received his call and then, he started explaining to me about the company, the role and their expectations. I talked about what I have been doing in GCP for the past one year — my college project, my evangelism initiatives. The way he talked to me explaining about all the related things was quite impressive and I wanted to get an interview.

He said "I’ll set up a call for a technical interview and we’ll see how it goes".

The Technical Interview

I asked the recruiter what type of questions would be asked and how I should get myself prepared for the technical round. He briefly explained to me how I should prepare. Finally, the day came. I got into a one on one call with an interviewer. He greeted me nicely and asked about my background. The interesting fact is that he also shared his point of views and opinions about my place. This kept the conversation very casual as if we were friends and have been knowing each other for a few years. Slowly, he got into the questions. I answered them in the best way possible. He was also impressed with the confidence I had, which he shared with me as a closing note before we ended the call. He left a positive impression on me and a hope for the next round. After the technical round, I called the recruiter and shared with him how the technical interview went. He said that he'll get back to me once he receives the feedback. With hope, I waited to hear from him.

The next day, he called me and told me that I cleared the technical round and had been selected into the leadership round with a US Director. I was happy on hearing the news and asked the recruiter for the guidelines for the next round. The next call was set up after a while and I waited for the next round.

The Leadership Round

I was quite nervous because of my lack of confidence in following the English accent in the US but once the interviewer came in the call, I felt comfortable. We started to talk a bit casually and I felt like yet another friendly conversation like that of the first round. Once we did a few chit-chat on the weather and places, he asked me to brief about me and my background. To be honest, I have never ever delivered a self-introduction like this in my life. In two minutes, I summed up everything that I have been doing in the past one year. Once I was done with my self-introduction, he said “I’m impressed”.

"I’m impressed" — The best compliment I ever received in an interview.

In fact, this gave a boost to my confidence and the rest of the things went ultra smooth. He even subscribed to my YouTube channel, where I posted contents on GCP and career development interviews. We also discussed about what I have been doing for the past one year. Before we ended the call, he said to me that they needed somebody like me. I was totally excited to hear that because rarely, we get such compliments during an interview.

The best interview ever in my life!!!

I called the recruiter again, thanking him for the opportunity he has provided me and how the interview went. Again, he told me that he would get back to me once he received the feedback. This time, I was confident enough to get myself prepared for the third round. The very next day, he called me back and said that they are proceeding with the final HR round.

One last step between me and the offer.

The HR Round

This was the last interview in the process. A call was set up with the HR. He came in the call and we initially talked a lot about our backgrounds, how our present is going and how our futures lives would be at this pace. Then, he started to explain about the company, the work culture, the perks and benefits of working there, and of course, the salary discussion. Once I heard everything, my mind was pretty much fixed to say "YES" to the offer and I said it.

I said YES to the offer in the HR round itself!!!

The offer

Once I said "Yes" to the offer, it was pretty easy for them to proceed things from their side. I received the offer letter the very next day. The whole process roughly took a week and I accepted the offer immediately.

After that, I also reached out to a few leaders from Qwinix who were super supportive and excited to have me there. We had meaningful conversations and grew the bond. I gracefully resigned from Deloitte, served the notice period, and have now set foot into my dream role.

I’m not sure what lies ahead but I’ll make sure it’s the best for me.

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspires you and wish you a great life ahead!!!



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